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Commercial Doors in Winnipeg for Your Business 

Alder Glass & Aluminum offers top-of-the-line commercial door solutions in Winnipeg. We supply, install and repair commercial doors for properties including businesses, apartments, educational institutions, offices, retail stores, multi-family dwellings, warehouses, industrial facilities, churches, schools and more. Contact us for a quote for door installation and replacement services for a beautiful and inviting storefront.


Commercial Doors and Installation

Every commercial property is unique and requires a personalized approach. Our staff have the expertise to assess your building and provide high-quality interior and exterior entry doors that match your functional and design requirements. We carry the following types of commercial doors in Winnipeg:

  • Aluminum doors: Our aluminum doors combine this sturdy prefinished material with glass to create stunning doors that add value to any commercial property. These doors are inviting, secure and designed for most weather conditions.
  • All glass doors: If you'd like to tap into the benefits of glass for your building, we can provide you with all glass doors. These doors are coveted for their stunning appearance and usage of natural light. We can install custom glass doors with choices regarding the hardware, type of glass, design features, safety glass options and more. 
  • Steel fire and security doors: The durability, security and fire-resistance of steel doors are unmatched. They are used for; fire-resistant walls, entrances, exits, utility, storage, mechanical rooms and more.
  • Automatic operating accessibility doors: Automatic sliding and swinging doors are now commonplace in most commercial spaces, and with good reason. They greatly enhance ease of access without compromising your safety. Access control features can be added such as key card access. Automatic operators can be added to existing doors in some situations.

We can also install door hardware and accessories including panic bars and door closers.


Commercial Door Repairs

Damaged doors can threaten the safety and security of your employees, clients and assets. Alder Glass & Aluminum offers complete commercial door repairs in Winnipeg with 24/7 emergency availability. We can address the issue and enhance your door's performance with repairs or replacement.

Get urgent repairs completed and get back to business with minimal downtime. Our technicians efficiently repair and replace broken doors and glass. Common signs that you need to repair your doors include: 

  • Visible damage such as cracks or broken glass.
  • Your door shuts too fast or too slowly.
  • The door is not on its tracks anymore.
  • The door doesn't lock correctly.
  • The door drags on the frame or threshold.

Early detection and repair can save you from costly emergency repairs. To keep your property’s windows and doors in top shape year-round, call us when early signs of trouble appear.

If you're unsure whether your commercial door requires repairs or a replacement, please speak to our door experts in Winnipeg. We invite you to check out our FAQ section to learn more about our products and services.

Get in Touch With Alder Glass & Aluminum

Alder Glass & Aluminum offers reliable installation and repair services for commercial doors in Winnipeg. 

If you'd like to learn more, please don't hesitate to speak to us. You can keep up with the latest developments by checking out our blog.

Commercial Doors for Every Space

We can provide you with top-of-the-line commercial doors in Winnipeg. You can rely on us for repairs, replacements and installations.

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