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Industrial Security Gates


Commercial Security Gates in Winnipeg

The gates are an essential part of a commercial property's security system. They are the first line of defence against trespassers, and they deter them from trying to break into your property. At Alder Glass and Aluminum, we supply and install high-quality commercial security gates in Winnipeg. Our gates will protect your employees and assets from damage and enhance the value and functionality of your space. 


We have over 45 years of experience offering bespoke services to our clients. We take pride in providing solutions that meet your unique needs. Our team can supply you with security gates that are suited for your applications. 


We adhere to the highest standards of quality when serving you. We understand that commercial properties require a high degree of attention because of possible liabilities. Our experts have the know-how and experience to handle all types of commercial needs.

Please contact us if you'd like to learn more about our commercial security gates in Winnipeg. Apart from this, we can also provide you with custom glass services.

The Benefits of Commercial Security Gates

As a commercial property manager, you want to do all that you can to protect your commercial or industrial space from security threats. One of the ways to minimize security concerns is to invest in our commercial security gates in Winnipeg They come with countless benefits, such as:

  • Safety: The chief benefit of a security gate is that it improves your security. It is made from a durable material that adds a layer of protection to your space.

  • Physical deterrent: Security gates make it harder for criminals to access your commercial space. Not only that, but they also act as a visual deterrent against crime. 

  • Return on investment: Security gates will safeguard the assets on commercial property and last a long time. They provide you with a great return on your investment. 

  • Control: Security gates can come with added features such as intercoms. These specifications can give you a high degree of control over who enters and exits your commercial space. 

  • Customizable: Security gates are incredibly versatile. They come in endless types and styles to meet every requirement. 

  • Curb appeal: While security gates are mainly fabricated for protection, they also enhance the appearance of your building. They make your business appear professional and leave a positive impression on your visitors. 

  • Reduce liabilities: Security gates can minimize the occurrence of security breaches on your property. This reduces your liabilities and protects your business. 

Would you like to know more about the benefits of our security gates in Winnipeg? Please reach out to our team today. You can also view our blog for more information about our products and services.

Professional Installation

When it comes to your commercial space's security, you shouldn't cut any corners. You should only choose professionals like us to supply and install your security gate. With us, you can rest assured knowing that your security needs are being taken care of by experts.

Contact Us for Commercial Security Gates in Winnipeg

No project is too big or too small for us. We can handle every type of commercial security gate requirement. 

Please contact us if you require commercial security gates in Winnipeg. You can also view our gallery to see how we help clients like you with our products.

metal fence mechanical gate on cement pavement

Managing Your Security Needs

Our commercial security gates in Winnipeg can make your commercial space more functional. We supply gates that add value.

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