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Take a look at our blogs to find relevant information about our commercial and residential glass services. Learn more about Alder Glass & Aluminum and their superior-quality products like doors, windows, railings, storefronts, sealed units and more.

  • aluminum frame windows and doors for your business
    Reasons Businesses Choose Aluminum Frame Windows and Doors

    Window and door frame installations can cost business owners thousands of dollars. 

    Why wouldn't you want to choose a material for these installations that is worth this significant investment?

    There are several types of frames made of different materials, from aluminum to steel and more. Deciding which material to choose can be challenging. However, one material that can be used in window and door frames stands out from the rest.

    Keep reading to find out why businesses opt for aluminum storefronts for commercial window and door frames that work for your property. 


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  • cabin with windows and doors affected by seasonal weather shifts
    How Do Seasonal Weather Changes Affect Your Windows and Doors?

    Colder or warmer temperatures, the first flurries or snow melting, and people changing the clothes in their wardrobe. These are all the signs we notice when the seasons shift. 

    How often do you consider your windows and doors when the seasons change?

    Climate change has also affected how our seasons change, including drastic changes in weather patterns and rising temperatures. Those fluctuations in temperature can have a huge impact on your home, and it's important to know how to prepare it. 

    Here's what you need to know and when it's time to call a glass company for service. 


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  • energy efficient home with new windows and doors
    Guide to New Efficiency Manitoba Rebates for Homeowners

    Efficiency Manitoba had a goal to reduce electricity consumption by 1.5% and natural gas by 0.75%. However, it fell short, only achieving about 69% and 60% of their targets respectively.

    However, Manitobans can still contribute to reducing electricity consumption in their homes with the recently announced rebates from Efficiency Manitoba for homeowners switching to eligible windows and doors. Do you want to reap these benefits? Our guide can help. Read on and learn how you can qualify for the Efficiency Manitoba rebates.


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  • foggy window with broken seal
    How to Fix a Foggy Window and Broken Seal

    Natural light has several benefits, such as warding off seasonal depression, but foggy windows can be more frustrating than beneficial.

    You finally can't stand it anymore—every time you look at your window, you notice how foggy it is. Nothing seems to help fix the issue. Why are your windows foggy, and what can you do about it?

    Foggy windows usually happen when window seals break. So what's the best way to deal with broken window seals? Find out here and discover how you can see clearly through your windows again.


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  • commercial revolving doors glass
    Replacing Commercial Windows and Doors: What to Expect

    If you’re looking to modernize the appearance of your business, one of the best options available is to upgrade your commercial windows and doors. Your business entrance can provide a first glance at your space and attract customers to enter. Commercial windows, glass and doors offer many customization options and can be upgraded as needed to meet your business needs.

    Still on the fence about changing your windows and doors or unsure if you can replace your existing setup? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know before you upgrade your storefront.


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  • tempered glass table in living room
    6 Reasons to Choose Tempered Glass

    Glass is a critical part of any home. Using glass in a home introduces natural light and provides a stellar view of the outside world.

    That’s where tempered glass comes in. Innovated through a unique curing process, tempered glass is made to be tough and durable, all while being customizable and versatile.

    But what exactly are its advantages? Why should you care about making sure your home is using the best glass material?


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  • technician installing insulated glass window unit
    How Insulated Glass Units Prevent Heat Loss

    Did you know that sealed window units have been around since the 1960s? Every winter, it seems it’s a challenge to stop the transfer of heat from going outdoors. When heating bills are soaring, homeowners find that insulated glass units (IGU) help keep heat indoors and provides savings on their heating bill. 

    Sealed window units are great looking as well as energy-efficient. If you haven’t heard of insulated glass units continue reading below to learn more.

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  • broken window glass
    Sealed Window Units: Should I Replace Window Glass or Replace the Whole Window?

    Whether it's a leak or a draft, when either of these issues show up, you have a window problem. The big question is how do you handle it.

    Sealed window units aren't invincible. At some point, you'll need to repair or replace them. Up-to-date windows help reduce and keep your energy bill at an affordable rate.

    Do you have faulty sealed window units? If so, you need to know whether to replace the glass or the whole window. Read this quick answer guide to help you make that decision.

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  • mirrors in bathroom
    Tips for Using Mirrors in Small Spaces

    If you have small rooms that you wish looked bigger, mirrors are the solution. Mirrors can make your house appear bigger and even brighter. It is the easiest method to create a visual illusion for your home to look more presentable and stylish. At Alder Glass & Aluminum Ltd., we partner with the best Canadian manufacturers to get you the most reliable products. We’ve been in the business since 1975 and our goal is to provide you with quality products and services.

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  • worker cleaning glass door of business
    Why Are Companies Outsourcing Glass and Door Maintenance?

    The modern workspace is a high rise building that is completely covered in glass with hundreds of rooms and twice as many doors. Maintenance of commercial buildings has become a complex job that requires skilled professional labour to ensure quality and efficiency. This has given rise to a highly competitive industry that offers specialized services in this field.

    Alder Glass & Aluminum Ltd. has been providing quality glass products and services since 1975. In this blog, we will discuss why more and more companies are turning to glass and door maintenance companies for their services instead of hiring an in-house team.

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  • window
    How to Stop Window Condensation?

    Window condensation is a major problem in many homes. This type of moisture build-up damages the plaster and results in the rotting of your wood frame and mouldings. It can also lead to interior condensation that can damage your entire home. Alder Glass & Aluminum Ltd. provides residential and commercial glass services in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. Whether you need to change the steel door in your office building or the windows and doors in your home, our team can complete the task with professionalism, skill and excellence. We also provide custom glass services.

    In this blog post, our expert team discusses the steps to be taken to stop window condensation.

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  • Shower renovation
    Shower Renovation 101

    Homeowners often want to modernize their bathrooms, which usually entails renovating the shower. Having to take into consideration plumbing, different shower styles and, of course, your budget can make upgrading your shower a stressful endeavour. Luckily, with a bit of research and a whole lot of support from our team of experts, your bathroom renovation will go a lot smoother than you think.

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  • Residential Windows
    Things to Consider Before Purchasing Residential Windows

    Updating your home’s windows is a sound investment, as it boosts the value of your house and saves you money on electricity bills. That’s also why decisions about home renovations should never be made lightly. Before purchasing new residential windows, however, there are some important things you should think about.

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  • Windows and doors
    How to Caulk Windows & Doors

    An energy efficient home can keep the internal temperature at consistent levels and save you money on utility bills. Properly caulked windows and doors is one way to achieve this, as it seals off air leaks and keeps out moisture. Plus, they will look great once the process is done.

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  • Sealed window units
    Replacing Sealed Units vs. Buying New Windows

    Failed seals in glass panes usually lead people to replace their complete window units when they can easily replace only the sealed units. Sealed glass units consist of two panes of glass separated by a space which is sealed with air or gas. Sealed window units help in insulation by reducing heat transfer through glass panes.

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