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Comprehensive Glass Maintenance Program in Winnipeg

Our glass maintenance and service programs offer our clients customized glass service and repair, when and where you need them. From broken glass, replacement of storefront windows and doors to on-call service and maintenance, Alder Glass & Aluminum handles it all.


Maintaining commercial structures is essential to protecting your assets and ensuring the smooth operation of your business. Damaged and inoperable doors or broken glass can be dangerous to the public and your employees. You may even be held liable if anyone gets hurt. It also often allows debris into the business and increases utility bills as warm or cool air escapes, leaving your property exposed to the outside elements. Leaving your property exposed to the outside elements. To avoid such a situation, you can rely on our maintenance service programs for on-call support.


If you own a local business or manage client operations and would like local maintenance services for:

• Securing and replacing broken glass
• Installing, maintaining, and servicing windows
• Installing, maintaining, and servicing doors, door operation and closer mechanisms
• Any other on-call glass needs
• 24 Hour Emergency service

Look no further than Alder Glass & Aluminum. We partner with both local businesses and national maintenance companies to provide complete glass, window, and door services across the Winnipeg region.

Get A Quote

Give us a call to book a consultation with our maintenance program team about your Winnipeg glass and door maintenance needs. Need work done today? We offer both residential and commercial glass services.

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