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Custom Glass Services in Winnipeg

Alder Glass & Aluminum Ltd. are the experts in custom glass services in Winnipeg with over 45 years in business. We carry a wide range of standard, or annealed, glass as well as custom tempered glass of various thicknesses. Whatever your next project requires - from picture frames to protecting a fine wood tabletop, fixing a broken window pane, mirrors or any other glass application you may have - we have the glass selection you need to get it done.


You can trust us to finish any project with quality, finesse, safety, skill, and personalization. We can also perform glass repairs or provide custom cut replacement glass for all sizes and shapes. Reach out to us today for all your custom glass needs in Winnipeg.


Our Custom Cut Glass Options

At Alder Glass and Aluminum, we not only provide glass but also have custom choices available just for you. Read through to know more about our custom glass options:

  • Shape: We have glasses that come in all kinds of shapes from circular to square, whether you want tabletops, shelves, shower door panels or mirrors.

  • Size: Tell us the dimensional requirements of your project, and we can custom cut the glass to your required size.  

  • Thickness: Do you need thin, lightweight glass to cover your tables, or thick, heavy and bold glass for shower doors? We offer a range of glass thickness options for aesthetic and practical uses.  

  • Type of Glass: Keep your current aesthetics' intact by choosing the glass that complements your home. Choose the tint, material, pattern and texture.
    • Standard/Annealed: After the formation of glass, internal pressure contributes to weakness. Annealing makes the glass sturdier and durable.

    • Tempered: Tempered glass is safer for the home and glass surfaces that require durability. It’s called ‘safety glass’ for a reason.

    • Obscure/Patterned: Make a bold statement with patterned glass that goes with your decor giving it an exquisite touch and elegance, or simply to add privacy.

    • Tinted: Tinted glass can be used interchangeably for both aesthetic and performance purposes.

    • Mirror: Mirrors reflect not only the surroundings but also your taste! Get custom-made vanity mirrors with framed and frameless options.

We have a large selection of obscure/pattern glass, perfect for a variety of applications:

Custom glass services
  • Strength: The strength of the glass should strike a fine balance between aesthetics and safety. Certain decorative glasses are thin and delicate, while some are sturdy. If you have kids, you should go for the thick ones.

  • Edge Types/Finishes: The edges of the glass contribute to the overall appearance of the ambience. You can go for the sophisticated ones or bold ones, depending on your preference.
    • Bevelled Edge: The bevelled edge has a slight slope that squares off in the end for a sophisticated look.



    • Flat Edge Polished: The flat edge has a square edge that has been polished for safety and aesthetics', this is one of the most popular edge treatments.



    • Seamed Edge: Used mainly when the glass will be concealed and the edges covered, the edges are safe to handle but unpolished.

When it comes to edge-work, we have a variety of choices available with various thicknesses:

Glass thickness
  • Safety Glass:Safety glass is glass with added safety features for your office or business. These features make the glass less likely to break, or less dangerous if it does get broken. Common designs include reinforced (ceramic) or tempered glass, laminated glass, and wire mesh/wired glass.
    • Reinforced: This type of glass is fire-resistant because the composites are lighter but stronger.



    • Tempered: Tempered glass is stronger and more heat resistant than annealed glass. It reduces the impact of the break, and the pieces are small and oval instead of large and sharp.



    • Laminated: Glass is covered with a film which keeps the pieces intact in case it breaks.

    • Wire Mesh/Wired: This glass has a mesh inside that holds the pieces together in case it breaks. This glass is also fire-resistant.


Tempered glass

Types of Custom Projects We Offer

Not sure if you require customized glass? Here are some of the common products that need custom glass solutions:

  • Mirrors: Be it a big mirror wall that makes the space look bigger or a small dressing mirror, we offer mirrors of all shapes and sizes.

  • Glass Shelving: Many of our customers are choosing glass shelves as versatile, modern option for display or storage.

  • Glass Tabletops: Choose from our range of glass tabletops for a sophisticated finish to thick and sturdy ones if it needs to bear more load—a sleek, polished, and beautiful addition to your house.\

  • Windows: We offer tinted, textured and patterned glass options for your windows. Choose a custom shape and style!

  • Doors: Choose an ambience like no other by installing glass doors in your house or office. Do you want the sunlight but not the harmful UV rays? Allow us to provide you with both functional and elegant options!


Call us today for all your custom glass needs in Winnipeg.


Custom Glass Services

Get a free quote on any of your custom glass needs for your home or business.

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