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Residential and Commercial Window Repairs and Replacements in Winnipeg

At Alder Glass & Aluminum we provide complete window repair services in Winnipeg for your home or business. Your windows are an essential structural element of your home or building for both function and aesthetic appearance. However, they're also susceptible to damage, whether exposed to weather or hit with a poorly aimed ball. When you need window repairs, or if your existing windows require replacements, we can help. 


Window Repair and Replacement


Our technicians have the expertise to work on all types of windows to devise the best possible repair and replacement solutions. We can perform:

  • Basic repairs: Many things can go wrong with the window glass and frames. To ensure your home or commercial property looks its best, we can address damages or broken glass on single, double or triple-pane windows and frames.
  • Window glass replacement: For faulty sealed window units, only the glass may need to be replaced if damaged, not the whole window unit. Depending on the condition of the frame, our technicians can remove the broken glass and replace it with a new one. 




Residential Window Repairs


Is a broken window making the temperature inside your home uncomfortable? Are your old windows due for replacement? Whether you’re dealing with window frames or glass problems, our technicians have the expertise to fix your home’s windows. 

Some common signs you require window repair are:

  • Water damage: Generally, your windows are one of the first points in your home where you can spot leaks or water damage. We recommend looking at your frames, drip caps and sills for rot and mould damage. 

  • Broken glass: When you have broken window glass, neglecting it can worsen the damages, expose you to burglars and interfere with your insulation. Our team recommends calling for our window repair experts in Winnipeg at the first sign of cracks or broken glass.

  • Difficulty closing and opening: The most common causes of broken windows are twisted window frames, rusty latches, damaged hinges and misaligned sash. If you're having trouble opening and closing your windows, it might be time to schedule a repair. 

  • Drafty windows: If your windows are letting in outside air, the chances are that your caulking has worn out. Caulking seals gaps throughout the window system, such as where the panes meet the frames.


Commercial Window Repairs

Are you looking for quality window repair solutions for your commercial windows and window glass? We can service commercial and industrial properties including:

  • Retail stores (storefront windows)
  • Educational institutions
  • Institutional buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Offices and more

Alder Glass & Aluminum can repair and replace window frames and glass and provide custom solutions such as energy-efficient glass. We understand that broken windows compromise your security and comfort, which is why we provide 24/7 commercial window repairs in Winnipeg.

Efficient Window Repairs in Winnipeg

Alder Glass & Aluminum provides expert window repair and replacement services for your home or business.

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