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Custom Commercial and Residential Glass Railings in Winnipeg

Are you searching for quality glass railings for your office or house? Alder Glass & Aluminium is a known name in and around Winnipeg for custom-made glass railings. Our railings are ideal for styling up the interior or exterior staircases, decks, balconies, among others.


Glass railings can be used to optimize the aesthetic value of your space or retain privacy, depending on the styling option you choose. We offer a wide range of glass options that cater to a variety of purposes. Our highly experienced team works diligently to provide quality services. Give us a call for more information!


Lightly Tinted Styled Glass Railings

Apart from their aesthetic advantage, tinted glass railings are beneficial due to their sleek design, low maintenance, and customization capabilities. At Alder Glass & Aluminum, we understand their unique nature.


The tinted glass is sturdy and enhances the beauty of your space. It reduces the heating of your decks and balconies, ensuring a cooler temperature within your office or house and offering protection from direct exposure to the harmful UV rays.


Privacy Glass Balustrades

If you are concerned about privacy issues that arise due to the glass railings on decks or balconies, we have an ideal solution to fix your worries. As our privacy glass railings are taller than usual, they create a barrier between you and possible onlookers. Our motto in this case is to provide you with personal space and also ensure an elegant look for your glass railing.


Privacy glass railings are provided with an inset wall, taller than regular glass railings. The glass wall functions as a protection from the natural elements such as rain, wind, hail, or strong winds. It also prevents these actions from ruining your view or the time spent on your deck.


Framed or Frameless Glass Railings

Both framed or frameless glass railings offered by Alder Glass & Aluminium are the epitome of luxury, without compromising on safety.


Framed glass railings use a standard tempered glass panel with the frames generally made up of aluminum, so that you don't have to worry about maintenance. This style is most commonly used for staircases because they provide a sense of security. The visible framing of the glass railings prevent accidents and successfully keep up with the modern architecture of your residential or commercial space.


On the other hand, our frameless glass railings are made of thicker, quality glass. This style successfully enhances the scenic view in and around your space. You can use these to add a bit of flair to your building. For better clarity, browse through the pictures of our completed projects.

Topless Glass Railings

If you have a picturesque view, a gorgeous garden, or a waterfront deck or porch, topless glass railings are your most suitable option. The powder-coated aluminum posts can be custom painted to meet any design requirement, with options such as tempered glass and no hardware providing clear sightlines.  


The absence of any hardware doesn’t reduce its sturdiness. Our topless railings are as safe as any other railing style.


We offer custom railing designs to fit almost any application in Winnipeg. Contact us for a free estimate.


Custom Railings to Suit Your Unique Lifestyle

Whether you want to fill your existing railing with glass inserts or create custom glass railings, we can help.

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