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Quick FAQs on Windows, Doors, & Our Installation Services in Winnipeg

Are you planning for window and door installation in Winnipeg? We have affordable and customized solutions for you such as:

Alder Glass & Aluminum answers your questions about residential and commercial glass. Contact us today to book our services!

Q: There is fog, condensation, dirt between my window panes. Can I replace just one pane?
A: Your double/triple-pane window is actually a single, sealed unit, so we are not able to replace only one pane of glass. However, you don’t have to replace the whole window, including the frame, just the sealed glass unit.

Q: How long is the process of repairing, installing, or servicing my window or door?
A: The length of the process varies greatly depending on the type of service. For complete details and estimates get in touch by phone or email.

Q: Do we need to remove any furniture?
A: Furniture may need to be temporarily moved to preserve it from being damaged.

Q: How much do window installation costs?
A: It depends on the type of glasses you want to install. You can request a free quotation from us by letting us know your exact needs and specifications.

Q: Is glass windows and doors good investment for the future?
A: They are not only good investments for the future but also add to the resale value of your property.

Q: How long will my glass doors and windows last?
A: Depending on the types of glasses you order, our experts will let you know their durability.

Q: Do we get customized options when replacing the old windows and doors?
A: At Alder Glass & Aluminum Ltd., we offer customized solutions to our customers. Check out our huge collections, and let us know what modification you need.

Q: Is there any financing options available?
A: You can call us to get more details about the financing options through Manitoba Hydro Power Smart.

Q: What are the benefits of glass windows and doors?
A: Glass windows and doors make the room appear larger and also let in natural light. They reduce energy costs and block harmful UV rays.

Q: What factors to consider when searching contractors for windows and doors installation in Winnipeg?
A: You should consider the following factors:

• Experience
• ABB registered
• Service charges
• Financing options
• Guarantees and warranties
• After sales services

Q: What to do when we need emergency window and door services?
A: You just need to call us, and our crew will reach at your location at the earliest opportunity. Our 24/7 services is dedicated to help our customers after hours in Winnipeg.

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