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Sealed Window Unit Replacement in Winnipeg

A foggy or broken window can ruin the appearance of your home. These symptoms can indicate that a seal in your window has failed. This results in condensation forming between the second and third panes of glass causing them to fog up and stain. The good news is this: Alder Glass & Aluminum offers sealed window units in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.


Importance of Sealed Window Units

Using quality sealed window units can be very beneficial for protecting your home. It not only increases the lifespan of your house but also keeps the elements outside. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Insulating properties ensure you are warm during cold days and cool on warm ones.
  • You use less electricity which in turn creates a lower carbon foot print.


If you have a broken pane or a failed seal, the efficiency of the glass has been compromised. In most cases, the window frame itself has not been damaged, if it is still sound, it will continue to serve you well for many years. The sealed unit is the only thing that needs to be replaced and it is unnecessary to do a full frame replacement. We would like to see our customers consider restoring their windows rather than replacing them and it is our goal to present you with a reasonable quote that offers an environmentally friendly solution without breaking the bank. Plus, our windows can have Low E and Argon gas, which reduces your heating and cooling costs as it’s energy efficient!


If you’re still deciding whether the cost will be worth the replacement, Manitoba Hydro Power Smart offers up to a $7500 loan on sealed unit upgrades.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I consider window replacement? 
    If your existing window is beyond repair or the replacement parts are outdated, you can consider replacing it with a new window from Alder Glass. 

  • Can my window’s old sealed unit be repaired?
    Once the window unit seal has been broken replacement is the best option. 

  • Can the new window unit be the same as the existing one?
    In most cases, we are able to replace with the same kind of unit. But, there are times when the new replacement may not match the existing one if the failed unit has an obsolete reflective coating or tint.

  • What Is the Cost of Sealed Window Units?

    There is no set standard when it comes to the price of our sealed window units in Winnipeg. Many factors determine the pricing, such as the size of the glass, the type of glass used, and more. To get a better idea, please reach out to our team for a quote.


  • What Happens When a Window Seal Is Broken?

    One of the key indicators of a broken window seal is the appearance of condensation between the window panes. If the fogginess doesn't disappear even after you attempt to wipe it away, your window seal is likely to have failed. In many cases, the moisture might appear only in small corners as small spots. Apart from affecting your window's appearance, a broken seal will negatively impact its insulation capabilities.

Contact Us for Sealed Window Units in Winnipeg 

At Alder Glass & Aluminum, our team strives to complete the job in a timely and professional manner. An onsite inspection and review of the job will help us to find you the most cost effective solution. Contact us today!

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