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Tempered Glass in Winnipeg

At Alder Glass and Aluminum, we are committed to fabricating, supplying and installing quality glass products that enhance the value and functionality of your home or business. One of our offerings includes tempered glass in Winnipeg. This type of glass is stronger than standard glass and can withstand force. Not only that, but it doesn't shatter into dangerous shards that could injure you, your children and pets. Besides this, it looks identical to regular glass, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of products. You can use it for your windows, shower doors, table tops, and glass shelves.  

We are glass experts who can design and craft quality glass products for our commercial and residential clients. Our team can create glass items specifically for your requirements, whether for your retail store or home. We are affiliated with the Better Business Bureau® and the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses

Please contact us to learn more about our tempered glass in Winnipeg.


What Is Tempered Glass?

Developments in glass manufacturing technology have made it possible to improve the performance of traditional glass by adding qualities to it. The creation of tempered glass is one of the results of this innovation. It consists of standard glass that undergoes a thermal tempering process. It is heated and then cooled down. This cooling doesn't take place in an even manner. The outside of the glass cools quicker than the inside, which stays hot. This process places the outer surface in compression and the inner one in tension, giving the glass its strength. Generally, tempered glass is five times stronger than regular glass. 

By choosing tempered glass for elements such as windows and doors, you can enjoy the benefits that come with its durability. Would you like to find out more about our glass products? You can view our FAQs section.


Where Can Tempered Glass Be Used?

What makes our tempered glass in Winnipeg an excellent choice is its versatility. You can use our tempered glass in countless ways in your home, industrial building or commercial space. We can manufacture tempered glass for the following:

  • Shower doors

  • Windows

  • Glass tables

  • Glass shelves

  • Table tops

  • Doors

  • Protection of antiques

  • Railing dividers

  • Greenhouses

  • Office partitions

  • Retail store fixtures

  • Hockey rink panels

  • Sliding doors

  • Skylights

  • Glass balcony doors

  • And more!

If you require tempered glass for a particular use but are unsure if we can help, please reach out to our team. We invite you to view our blog to find out more valuable information about glass and its applications.

The Benefits of Choosing Tempered Glass

Often, tempered glass leads to the creation of sturdy structures that can withstand pressure. There are many benefits of choosing tempered glass, such as:

  • Increased safety

  • High resistance

  • Improved appearance 

  • Customization

  • Building code complience

Still not convinced? Our team would love to discuss your concerns. We have years of experience in fabricating custom glass products for various purposes. You can look at our image gallery to see for yourself.

Get in Touch With Us for Tempered Glass in Winnipeg

We are always welcoming new clients for our tempered glass services in Winnipeg. We take pride in offering personalized solutions to all those who choose our glass products. 

Please contact us if you'd like to share the details of your next project with us. We also provide 24/7 emergency services.

entrance with large glass sliding doors

Enhance Your Space

Our tempered glass in Winnipeg will improve your functionality. We can design and create a wide range of glass items.

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