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6 Reasons to Choose Tempered Glass

tempered glass table in living room

Glass is a critical part of any home. Using glass in a home introduces natural light and provides a stellar view of the outside world. That’s where tempered glass comes in. Innovated through a unique curing process, tempered glass is made to be tough and durable, all while being customizable and versatile. But what exactly are its advantages? Why should you care about making sure your home is using the best glass material?

Keep reading to understand the five benefits of tempered glass. Afterward, you'll understand why there's little reason not to use it for your home.

  1. Safety As opposed to regular glass, tempered glass poses fewer safety risks. In fact, even Canadian law & building codes emphasizes the safety quality of tempered glass. While ordinary glass will break up into dangerous glass shards when compromised, tempered glass degrades into a gravel-like consistency. So even if tempered glass breaks, it won’t cause severe injuries as ordinary glass could. This feature is especially important in homes with wandering children and pets. Not only is tempered glass tougher than ordinary glass, but there’s less chance of it injuring anyone that breaks it. It’s safe around home furniture and for a growing family.

  2. Scratch-Resistance Tempered glass is tough. As long as the tempered glass you’re using meets official glazing standards, you'll reap all its durability benefits. That means that tempered glass is a great material for safe home furniture. Glass coffee tables and glass cabinets made from ordinary glass are prone to scratches and regular wear and tear. But with tempered glass, that risk is drastically lowered!

  3. Strength Through a thermal tempering process, tempered glass becomes stronger than ordinary glass. It's great at enduring physical blows, won't break as easily, and is crucial during turbulent weather. Tempered glass will easily endure harsh winds and rainfall better than regular glass would. That means that tempered glass isn't just great for longevity and regular wear and tear — it can also function as a great safety measure.

  4. Heat-Resistance Tempered glass is also heat-resistant glass because of the unique curing process it undergoes. Ordinary glass is very sensitive to drastic temperature changes and could shatter if in sudden contact with high heat. It’s why bathrooms, showers, and tubs typically use tempered glass. Otherwise, you could risk major injury once you crank on the hot water.

  5. Design Customizability You don’t have to limit your design options with tempered glass. Tempered glass comes in a variety of finishes, such as clear, coloured, frosted, patterned, etc. If needed, tempered glass can also be cut into different shapes according to your aesthetic preferences. Tempered glass’s durability does not negate its aesthetic appeal. Those that want the best design and functionality will choose tempered glass over regular glass.

  6. Versatility Tempered glass is a superior choice for glass shower enclosures, and can easily replace any ordinary glass you have in your home. Tempered glass can also be used for coffee table tops, sliding doors, and glass shelving in your home. It can even be customized for decorative pieces.

Are You Ready to Use Tempered Glass?

Glass offers crucial functionality and aesthetics to any home. To invest in the best type of glass possible, use tempered glass. It’s sturdier than ordinary glass and looks just as great. Anyone looking to elevate the quality of their home should invest in tempered glass. If this sounds great, then contact Alder Glass & Aluminum today for tempered glass providers in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


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