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Replacing Sealed Units vs. Buying New Windows

Sealed window units

Failed seals in glass panes usually lead people to replace their complete window units when they can easily replace only the sealed units. Sealed glass units consist of two panes of glass separated by a space which is sealed with air or gas. Sealed window units help in insulation by reducing heat transfer through glass panes.

You can take the help of the experts at Alder Glass & Aluminum Ltd. as they have many years of experience in repairing, installing and servicing glass windows in Winnipeg from all window manufacturers. Replacing Sealed Window Units Replacing a sealed unit instead of the complete window helps save money in the long run. Using Low E coated glass panes further helps in increasing the insulation value and reducing the amount of ultraviolet light entering through them. Consider replacing the sealed unit if you observe the following conditions:

  • Fogging between the panes of glass - When the seal breaks, moist air seeps in between the glass panes and condenses. If the temperatures don’t change rapidly, you may not even notice the fogging. When you notice it, the glass may appear hazy or with condensation and after some days, dirt may accumulate and make the glass appear dirty.

  • Broken glass or seals - The glass panes are exposed to varying climatic conditions like temperatures, wind and water during their lifetime. All of them impact the quality of the seal in some way or the other and eventually the airtight seal breaks. When it breaks, the insulation is not effective enough; replacing it makes your home safer and energy-efficient.

While replacing, care will be taken to remove the existing panes, the frames will be cleaned and then, the new glass will be installed. It is the most cost-effective and practical solution to a faulty sealed unit. Complete Window Replacement You can think of a full window replacement in the following cases:

  • When you want to upgrade from a single pane or dual pane glazing

  • If the existing window frames are damaged, warped or rotten

  • When cold air starts accumulating near the windows or when you notice drafts

It will certainly be more expensive. The costs may increase depending on the brand, material and style you choose. You may be able to reuse the interior and exterior trim, fitting the window in the existing frame. The process will take less time and resources. You can also choose to remove the entire window structure and replace it with a new one, including the frame. Unfortunately, if you sit back and do nothing, you may end up spending higher costs as the energy bills go up. Don’t ignore foggy or dirty windows and take preventive actions. Contact our professionals today who can help you identify failed sealed window units at your home and repair them. To get a better understanding, go through our FAQ section.


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