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Residential Windows & Doors

Energy Efficient Residential Window and Doors in Winnipeg

When it comes to choosing efficient residential windows and doors in Winnipeg, Alder Glass & Aluminum Ltd. is the name you can trust. We are professionally affiliated with Better Business Bureau and Canadian Federation of Independent Business. Whether you are planning to install new doors and windows or replace old ones, we can help. We offer a wide range of PVC windows and exterior doors to meet your requirements. With over 45 years of experience, we provide you with quality and efficient home improvement products. Contact us to schedule window and door installation for your Winnipeg home. 


Windows and Doors We Provide


Doors and windows help make a statement while keeping your home safe and comfortable. They protect you from weather elements and extreme variations in temperature. Also, they add value to your home and create a lasting impression on people.  If you are looking for classic or elegant windows and doors, we have a huge collection for you to choose from. We provide our residential customers with durable products.


Residential Windows in Winnipeg


We offer an extensive range of PVC window styles to enhance the ambiance and décor of your home. Our products are durable, efficient and functional to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. Whether it’s bay and bow windows or picture windows, our products are designed to add beauty and comfort to your home. Our residential window styles include:

  • Casement Windows:

    These elegant windows come in a wide range of dimensions that will add a classy look to your home. With an easy opening crank system, casement windows are ideal for providing unobstructed views.

  • Awning Windows:

    These windows have a bottom-out opening system that prevents rain from coming inside and protects your home from moisture. Awning windows not only offer an attractive, contemporary look but also help save interior space.

  • Bay and Bow Windows:

    These windows are suitable for a perfect outdoor view and better ventilation. The protruding shape of bay and bow windows makes your interior space appear larger.  

  • Fixed Sash Windows:

    These non-venting windows are ideal for your home as they offer a sleek and modern look. They are designed to coordinate with casement and awning windows.

  • Picture Windows:

    These stationary windows are designed as frames, they are fixed and don’t open. They are ideal for highlighting the architectural elements of your home.

Our energy efficient windows can help you optimize the heating, cooling and energy use in your home while improving your home décor. Call us to learn more about our window options in Winnipeg.


Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows


There are several signs that it’s time to consider new windows for your home, including:

  • If your windows are not operating properly when opening and closing.

  • Excessive condensation between the window glass panes indicating a broken seal.

  • Decay and water damage on window frames.

  • Increase in energy costs.


At Alder Glass & Aluminum, we’re experts in window installation and window replacement for your home’s energy efficiency. Our sealed window units help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Contact us today to replace your old windows with new energy efficient models for your home comfort.


Window Replacement Services


Replacing windows in your home is a significant decision and investment. It is vital to understand the various window replacement options available. There are two types of window replacement choices:

  • Full-frame installation: The old window and frame is removed from the surrounding wall structure. This ensures that any damaged or rotten wood around the old window frame is removed and replace with a new frame. The window opening is appropriately prepared and cleaned for the new window.

  • Retrofit installation: The old window frame remains in place and only the window sashes are removed.  The new fully efficient window is then installed into the existing frame. While this maintains the look of your old windows, retrofit installation should only be done when the frame is in good working order.


Alder Glass & Aluminum Ltd. offers top-class window glass replacement services to homeowners in Winnipeg. If you’re confused about whether you should replace the window glass pane or the whole window, read our blog for more information. We can help you determine which option is suitable for your home. Get in touch with us for quality residential window replacement services.


Cost for Window Replacement


As it is a long-term investment, it is better to consider the factors that affect the window prices in Winnipeg. The type of replacement and the window style are two significant factors determining the cost of window replacement. The cost of residential window replacement also depends on your home’s condition and the amount of work required. Alder Glass & Aluminum Ltd. can offer service estimates before starting the project. Contact us for more information.


Window Glass Repair Services


Are your home’s windows damaged due to broken glass, twisted frames, rusty latches, damaged hinges, misaligned sash or caulking seal gaps? Whether you are dealing with glass or window frame issues, our skilled team has the expertise to fix your home’s windows. Contact us for residential window glass repair services.


Residential Doors in Winnipeg


We have a huge collection of steel, wood and fibreglass doors to match your styles. Whether you are looking for entry or patio doors, we can provide one to fit your needs. We also provide you with door hardware and accessories for repair and maintenance purposes. Our residential door styles include:

  • Entry Doors:

    These doors offer both security and warmth to your home. We offer a wide collection of steel, wood and fibreglass doors to match your styles.

  • Patio Doors:

    These doors are designed to ensure a comfortable room temperature year round. They also help reduce energy costs by letting in natural light.

  • Storm Doors:

    These doors are ideal to allow natural light into your home and for ventilation. Storm doors have glass panels for better visibility, thereby increasing security.

Feel like it’s time for a Power Smart change in your home but might not have the cash to do so?  Manitoba Hydro Power Smart offers Power Smart residential loans of up to $7500.


Signs You Need to Replace Your Doors

Have you been thinking of replacing your old doors? Here are some of the main signs that you need to replace your existing doors:

  • Your door is constantly getting stuck and you are encountering trouble closing and opening it.
  • Your door is cracking, warping, peeling or falling apart.
  • The door is making strange sounds every time it is opened or shut.
  • Your door looks outdated or worn out.

If you are looking to replace or upgrade a broken or worn-out door, trust the experts at Alder Glass & Aluminum in Winnipeg.

Why Choose Us for Residential Windows and Doors?

At Alder Glass & Aluminum Ltd. we provide you with:

  • Extensive range of products design and style
  • Industry leading warranties
  • Prompt after-sales service
  • Products installation and service
  • Replacement and repair


Get in Touch with Us

Alder Glass and Aluminum is the leading supplier of hardware for windows, patio doors and glasses. You can also count on us for residential glass services and shower enclosures. Browse through our gallery to learn more about our past projects.


Contact us for high-quality windows and doors in Winnipeg.

Durable Residential Windows and Doors in Winnipeg

Alder Glass & Aluminum is the trusted seller of high-quality residential windows and doors in Winnipeg.

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