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Common Commercial Door Problems That Require Professional Repairs

glass sliding door inside business

Doors are a constant fixture in our everyday lives, especially for commercial buildings with doors for entryways, offices and other rooms.

Over the years, designers have created quite a few different designs, from revolving doors to saloon doors and many others. Like most inventions, doors have been known to have issues from time to time. It's also a rule with most things that the more sophisticated the design, the more likely it is to break down somehow.

While most issues aren't that big of a deal, commercial door problems should be repaired or fixed by a professional technician. We'll talk about some of these common issues in this article.

Warped Door Frames

Have you ever had a door that got stuck in its frame after you've used it for some time? One possible cause of this is a warped doorframe, which can happen for a few reasons, including age and mishandling of the door.

The wood also plays a role due to something known as Hygroscopicity. This is the long scientific name for the fact that wood absorbs water. Moisture from rain, snow, and even humidity can seep into the wood and be absorbed by cell walls.

When cell walls absorb more water than they have space for, they expand. If enough water gets into the wood, the wood will swell to accommodate it. In high heat, large amounts of water can be lost quickly, which can cause wood to shrink.

Broken Hinges and Door Hardware

Hygroscopicity is one of the reasons businesses often use steel or aluminum doors rather than wooden ones. Still, even some metal components are prone to wear.

Perhaps the most delicate metal component in a door is the hinges. Depending on the materials they're made from, hinges can succumb to rust. It's also possible for the screws to come loose or simply wear out due to abuse or even just normal usage.

You might be able to fix a few of these problems, but sometimes there's just too much to fix yourself or you’re unable to get the parts yourself.

Other door hardware can also be susceptible to damage, including automatic door closers, panic bars, door stops, locks and more.

Broken Glass

We've probably all broken glass at some point in our lives, and it's stressful enough when it's not something we own. However, things get more complicated when a glass door breaks in a business and interrupts your day-to-day operations. A broken glass door needs to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible for the safety and security of your property. Whether it’s the full door that needs to be replaced, or only a glass panel, expert technicians can assess the damage and provide the right solutions.

Schedule Commercial Door Repairs

Commercial door problems do happen occasionally, and they often require professionals to fix them. We've discussed a few of the most common problems in this article, but it’s better to be prepared for when you actually have an issue on your hands.

Alder Glass & Aluminum provides professional commercial glass repair services in Winnipeg. Contact us today to schedule a repair, or learn more about our aluminum storefronts and glass maintenance program.


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