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Guide to New Efficiency Manitoba Rebates for Homeowners

energy efficient home with new windows and doors

Efficiency Manitoba had a goal to reduce electricity consumption by 1.5% and natural gas by 0.75%. However, it fell short, only achieving about 69% and 60% of their targets respectively. However, Manitobans can still contribute to reducing electricity consumption in their homes with the recently announced rebates from Efficiency Manitoba for homeowners switching to eligible windows and doors. Do you want to reap these benefits? Our guide can help. Read on and learn how you can qualify for the Efficiency Manitoba rebates.

What Is the Rebate?

Did you know windows and doors are responsible for 25% to 30% of residential heat gain and loss? As such, households waste energy when they continue using old and damaged units. Efficiency Manitoba aims to reduce energy wastage by giving a rebate for buying and installing new windows and doors. Customers can get $50 for every qualified opening. The new rebate program helps homeowners switch to more efficient windows and doors. The reduced heat loss lowers their energy bills while creating a more comfortable living situation.

Why You Need New Windows and Doors

Old windows and doors let in or out a lot of air and heat because of cracks, holes, and inefficient glass panes. When heat enters the house in the summer, your cooling system overcompensates, leading to higher energy bills. It also applies the other way around – in the winter, your heating system overworks itself to cancel out the heat loss through the openings. If you’re not comfortable in your home anymore, consider replacing your windows and doors. Make sure to hire a qualified company with the right windows and doors products. Otherwise, poorly installed windows and doors may lead to a high heat exchange rate.

How to Qualify

First, check whether your home meets the requirements. You must have purchased the products on or after October 1, 2021. The rebate is for every qualified opening, including:

  • Between outdoors and indoors

  • In your primary residence

  • In your tenant’s residence

The offer is only valid for replacement windows and doors with ENERGY STAR® certifications. To see if your products qualify, check Efficiency Manitoba’s website. Homeowners may get a rebate for a total of 20 openings per property.

How to Get the Rebate

Homeowners must first purchase eligible products. Windows and sliding glass doors should have triple-pane glass. Entry doors with glass must be triple-pane as well. The products must be new and from a supplier, retailer, or contractor in Canada. After buying windows and doors, hire professionals to install them for you. After that, fill out an application form online. You can also reach out to Efficiency Manitoba if you want a paper application. Make sure to apply within 90 days of the final invoice date.

Replace Your Windows and Doors

Alder Glass & Aluminum offers a wide range of energy-efficient windows and doors that qualify for the new Efficiency Manitoba rebates. If you are considering upgrading your home’s windows and doors, contact us today for quality products and expert installation services in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas.


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