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Reasons Businesses Choose Aluminum Frame Windows and Doors

aluminum frame windows and doors for your business

Window and door frame installations can cost business owners thousands of dollars. Why wouldn't you want to choose a material for these installations that is worth this significant investment? There are several types of frames made of different materials, from aluminum to steel and more. Deciding which material to choose can be challenging. However, one material that can be used in window and door frames stands out from the rest. Keep reading to find out why businesses opt for aluminum storefronts for commercial window and door frames that work for your property.

Convenient Maintenance

If you're looking for window and door frames that come with easy maintenance, aluminum frames are one of the easiest options in terms of care. Aluminum, when exposed to air, forms a layer of aluminum oxide on the surface. This layer naturally protects the aluminum from corroding when exposed to other elements. Most aluminum windows and doors will come with an anodized coating, in black, grey or other colors. This coating lasts for the lifetime of the frame and is aesthetically pleasing. This means aluminum frames won't need constant paint jobs or repairs. These frames only need cleaning a few times a year. Soap and water with cloth are all you'll need to clean these low-maintenance frames.


Aluminum is a durable material, thanks to that layer of aluminum oxide and anodized finish. Since aluminum can't rust, it's safe against elements like snow, rain, and other inclement weather. Acid rain can't even corrode aluminum. Since damage from snow is a major concern for Canadian construction companies, many recommend aluminum as a frame material. Door and window frames are directly exposed to the elements, so it is important to ensure they won't warp, split, or crack from weather exposure. Choosing commercial windows and doors with durable frames is important when trying to save money in long-term care costs.


Not only are aluminum frames environmentally efficient frame options, but they are also financially feasible for business owners. Aluminum frames are both high-quality and can be cheaper on average than frames made from other materials such as vinyl or wood. If your business has several commercial door and window frames to install or replace, choosing aluminum as the frame material can save property owners thousands.

Sustainability of Aluminum Frames

Aluminum is the third most common element on Earth. Installing aluminum frames isn't taking away rare resources from the environment. Aluminum is also 100% recyclable, so choosing this material guarantees your frame will experience use once it's replaced. Recycled aluminum has the exact quality as virgin aluminum, so it can be continued to be recycled over again. In fact, aluminum requires less energy to recycle than other materials, meaning there's a smaller carbon footprint associated with aluminum frames.

Install Aluminum Storefronts

If you're looking for a cost-efficient, durable frame for your commercial doors and windows that can withstand what's thrown at them, consider choosing an aluminum storefront. These frames will provide a durable and cost-efficient option for protecting your building. Contact Alder Glass & Aluminum Ltd. in Winnipeg and the surrounding area for a quote. We provide commercial glass services and installation and repair for aluminum frame doors and windows for your business or property.


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