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Sealed Window Units: Should I Replace Window Glass or Replace the Whole Window?

broken window glass

Whether it's a leak or a draft, when either of these issues show up, you have a window problem. The big question is how do you handle it. Sealed window units aren't invincible. At some point, you'll need to repair or replace them. Up-to-date windows help reduce and keep your energy bill at an affordable rate. Do you have faulty sealed window units? If so, you need to know whether to replace the glass or the whole window. Read this quick answer guide to help you make that decision.

Reasons to Replace the Glass or Whole Window on Sealed Window Units

One of the first signs you're having issues with your window is a high energy bill. The heating and air conditioning unit work extra hard to heat or cool a home when there's a leak. Leaks become noticeable in several ways:

  • You feel a draft sitting by the window

  • Dew on the window sill

  • Damp curtains

  • A wet floor underneath the window

  • Rot or Mold in the Window Frame

  • Cracks in the glass

Another discernible issue is condensation between the panes. When these problems present themselves, it’s time to replace the glass or the whole window.

What Is Window Glass Replacement?

The make of the window determines how the glass gets removed. Basic removal involves extracting the glass from the window's frame or sash. When the glass gets cracked or broken, that's typically when it's time to replace it. That's more common on new frames or windows kept in great condition.

What Is Whole Window Replacement?

As your home ages, so does its windows. When it's time to do a whole window replacement, everything goes—glass, frame, sash, and all. Poorly maintained windows that have become inoperable need to go. Also, those that are in poor working order, and those that are old and outdated.

When to Replace the Glass or the Whole Window

Glass-only replacement is a resolution to minor problems. Those minor issues include cracked or broken glass in the sash or condensation concerns. Glass -only replacement is cost effective and environmentally friendly. Replace the glass if:

  • The frames are in good working order

  • You can remove window glass from the sash

Whole window replacement is a step past simple glass removal. All of the existing parts of the original window are removed down to the home's wall framing. This is a long-term solution to prolonged problems on an aged window. Replace the whole window if:

  • The seals around the glass fail due to constant condensation

  • Lack of window insulation affects your home's energy performance

  • You want to upgrade the look of your home

This option costs more, but it's beneficial in the long run. We would be happy to help you with this decision.

Make the Smart Choice

Common issues with your sealed window units are signs for replacement. Healthy windows mean a healthy home. Decide today whether to replace the glass or the entire window. Let us help you out! Call Alder Glass today for a free estimate on glass replacement or new residential windows in Winnipeg.


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