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Tips for Using Mirrors in Small Spaces

mirrors in bathroom

If you have small rooms that you wish looked bigger, mirrors are the solution. Mirrors can make your house appear bigger and even brighter. It is the easiest method to create a visual illusion for your home to look more presentable and stylish. At Alder Glass & Aluminum Ltd., we partner with the best Canadian manufacturers to get you the most reliable products. We’ve been in the business since 1975 and our goal is to provide you with quality products and services.

Our services include shower enclosures, sealed units, residential windows and doors, glass services for business and custom glass services. Go through the FAQ section on our website to learn more about the services we offer. Four Ways in Which You Can Use Mirrors to Make a Small Space Appear Bigger The different ways you can place mirrors inside your house to make a space look bigger are:

  1. Place small mirrors together Large mirrors can burn a hole in your pocket as they are expensive, so purchase smaller mirrors at affordable rates. Furthermore, you can choose the frames according to your budget and when they’re ready, just put them up on the wall. Small mirrors with or without a frame enhance the appearance of the room and make it look more organized and larger.

  2. Put a mirror adjacent to your dining space As you must have seen in many restaurants and dine-in areas, mirrors are placed near the dining space, which allows soft lighting to work its magic. You can create a similar aura in your dining space by installing mirrors. You can seek professional advice from experts to know where you should place the mirrors.

  3. Layer the mirrors Layering mirrors is a creative option. You can fill the entire wall with mirrors to add an edge to the room. It will make the small space appear bigger and also add depth to the room.

  4. Utilize the kitchen and bathroom cabinet fronts You can glue mirrors in the front of your cabinets in your kitchen and washroom. You can cover either the top or the bottom consistently throughout the rooms. This is a simple technique to make small spaces appear larger than they are. Your home will look more chic and spacious.

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