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Why Are Companies Outsourcing Glass and Door Maintenance?

worker cleaning glass door of business

The modern workspace is a high rise building that is completely covered in glass with hundreds of rooms and twice as many doors. Maintenance of commercial buildings has become a complex job that requires skilled professional labour to ensure quality and efficiency. This has given rise to a highly competitive industry that offers specialized services in this field. Alder Glass & Aluminum Ltd. has been providing quality glass products and services since 1975. In this blog, we will discuss why more and more companies are turning to glass and door maintenance companies for their services instead of hiring an in-house team.

A few reasons why companies are outsourcing glass and door maintenance are:

  • To shed the burden of extra responsibilities Managing a maintenance crew is like having another company working within your company. The hiring, training and managing of employees dedicated to specialized repair and maintenance services are too big of an undertaking even for a big company. Glass and door maintenance is a time consuming and labour intensive job that also has safety liabilities (ex. Broken glass). A maintenance worker at your office who isn’t specially trained might end up seriously hurting themselves and others while carrying out repairs or installations, which might cost you tens of thousands of dollars in fines and financial aid. Instead of having a branch of the office dedicated to maintenance services and dealing with their problems, all responsibilities can be outsourced to an external contractor responsible for managing the work. The safety liabilities will be transferred to the contractor and any mishaps on the job will be their responsibility. Having an agreement with a commercial glass and door maintenance company is like having an in-house team of specialists without the responsibility of managing them.

  • To save money Having an in-house team of specialized maintenance professionals is an expensive investment. The expenditures involved in hiring, training and paying them is too much to justify the volume of use you get out of them. There is also the added expenditure of purchasing specialized equipment and supplies needed for the job. Although office premises need to be in good working conditions at all times, it isn't necessary to check everything daily. So, a permanent in-house maintenance crew is not required. Costs associated with an in-house glass and door maintenance crew can be eliminated by contracting a maintenance company that offers specialized services. You only have to pay when you require the company’s services and you can schedule the services conveniently. The company crew will bring their equipment and they will do the job more professionally than any in-house team. Additionally, outsourcing glass and door maintenance will save you from paying for any safety liabilities. Maintenance, when carried out correctly, will also save you money by increasing the lifespan of the fixtures.

  • To improve work conditions in the office Medium and small scale companies often do not have the budget for a specialized in-house maintenance crew. When employees take up this work, their focus will shift from the work they are hired to do. In worst case scenarios, the maintenance is neglected to the point of dysfunction, which not only ends up becoming an expensive affair but also increases the downtime, thereby affecting the business. As commercial glass and door maintenance companies allow you to choose the services you want, the expenditures incurred upon hiring them can be reasonably contained within the company budget. Hiring them will enable you to use your existing workforce efficiently and help company morale as the employees will only have to do what they are hired to do. Having maintenance duties taken off their hands also allows the employees to focus on their work and increase their production. Outsourcing glass and door maintenance will ensure the smooth operation of your business.

  • To increase the quality of maintenance Building maintenance is no longer a simple job. The techniques and procedures involved vary for different materials and fixtures. In glass maintenance alone, there are different procedures to repair and install different types of glass. In-house teams do not have enough skills to safely carry out the maintenance work at a high quality. Poorly executed glass and door maintenance increases expenditures down the line, poses safety risks and reduces the lifespan of the doors and windows. Glass and door maintenance companies that are at the top have perfected their repair and installation skills over time and can get the job done at a high degree of expertise in a short time. When glass and door maintenance is carried out properly, it will reduce the strain on the HVAC system by insulating the building from heat loss, make sure the doors work as they should and last a long time. Doors that close and lock properly, ensure compliance with fire regulations and property security. And unlike an in-house team that is not available during holidays or on their days off, you can always depend on commercial glass and door maintenance companies to do the job when they are called.

Count on Alder Glass & Aluminum Lt. for commercial glass and door maintenance services. We provide commercial and residential glass products and custom glass services throughout Winnipeg. Contact us for glass and door maintenance services today.


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